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Initial Planning Session

This can be a quick phone call or text conversation, depending on your preference. You'll tell me what you need support in. I'll ask questions to clarify. Together, we'll decide on a customized service plan. 

Business Plan
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Accountability and Motivation Reminder Service

Far more than an alarm, this reminder service consists of 2-5 texts or a 2-5 minute phone call. It starts with a reminder to wake up, start dinner, accomplish that task you always forget. The rest of the conversation is devoted to either motivating you to follow through, or congratulating you for doing so. Part of the enrollment form is a choice between Motivation (gentle encouragement) or Accountability (strict expectations) but you'll never be facing a drill instructor. 

Special Occasion Planning and Reminder Service

Remembering birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays isn't enough. You'll receive 2-5 texts beginning with a reminder of the upcoming occasion and a suggested action. Perhaps it's just to order your anniversary gift soon. You can also send a text adding a note to any occasion after scheduling it. They commented on a favorite item? Send me a text. Your reminder will include the information. Then, I'll follow up to make sure you remembered to buy the gift or plan an event or mail a card in time.

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Strategy Sessions

This phone call can be anywhere from 15 minutes, to hours long. We can have just one, or schedule them regularly. The purpose is to help you clearly define your goals and decide how to take action on them. Sounds simple, right? Let's discuss how to make it *feel* simple, too! Generally, these include one or more follow up texts to see if everything is going to plan, and offer support adapting if desired.

Urgent Event Support

In-laws are making a surprise visit? Ex wants to discuss changes to visitation? Failed a test? Facing a situation that has you frazzled and not thinking straight, but you *need* to think straight and deal with it ASAP? I got you! I'll drop everything and call right away! Everything will be ok. Let me lend some perspective and help you calm down, organize your thoughts, and decide on a strategy you feel confident in.

This service is only available for customers who have had Strategy Sessions.

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