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What is a Muse?

: a source of inspiration

especially : a guiding genius

"The writer's beloved wife was his muse."

          Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Ok, I guess. But, how?

Everyone has unique inherent talents. When you can identify those talents, it often gives you a sense of purpose, or self, or security. When you can't identify them, it's usually because they are uncommon or easily overlooked. I overlooked my talents for decades, even as I was using and strengthening them almost daily! I developed a reputation for my insights and for being an involuntary catalyst of positive change in those around me. 

One day an internet stranger I was helping through an intensely personal period of extreme changes expressed discomfort in the one sided nature of the relationship. She insisted on compensating me for my time and effort. People had been saying I should charge for the help I gave for years, and I'd always chosen to interpret it as a compliment instead of a suggestion. How many times had I told other people that they shouldn't be giving their time and energy away for nothing? If your inherent talent was basketball, you wouldn't limit yourself to pickup games at the local park. You'd lean into your strengths and become a professional athlete or coach. 

This is my inherent talent. I stimulate thought. I strengthen self confidence. I inspire a solutions-oriented mindset. I am as much an involuntary catalyst of change as the wind. It's about time I harness that resource and put it to use, don't you think?

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